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Sometimes I’m getting lost in AU hell so have more uh teenage superhero Winter Soldier…stuff
Natasha and Sam are not 100% fixed yet I did those rather impulsively but they get proper ones one of these days I think
Especially Tashas outfit doesnt quite come off as intended but I wanted to show off the tat priorities priorities
For Sam insert cheesy ass falcon wing patches at the back of his jacket (haha remember that Deryl Dixon vest? Daaamn straight you do)

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one of my favourite fairy tales ever is the one of Vasilisa… it’s about a little girl whose mother, on her deathbed, gives her a doll that comes to life when Vasilisa gives it something to eat and tells it her problems.

Her father remarries for her sake, but when her stepmother is really nice to her father, she’s rotten to Vasilisa and sends her out to find something in the forest that is impossible to find. She is warned by this strange spirit not to come this way, but she does because it’s growing dark and long story short she is abducted by the evil Baba Yaga and if she doesn’t clean her gross cobwebby house, cook massive feasts and other impossible things she will eat her. Her doll however comes to life and helps her out. 

Baba Yaga’s hut is “haunted” by all of her past victims and if Vasilisa can defeat her they all go free… but she needs their help, too. One of them, the spirit she saw, tries to help her the most but is cursed not to tell her why he’s there or what his name is. 

There’s like, a billion different versions of this tale and I’m sure most of them are online… one thing of note is that I think this is one of the very few european fairy tales that mention specifically the race of one of their characters without making it a ‘thing’. The entire story is very much Spirited Away-meets-Cinderella —while researching for these drawings I really noticed how Spirited Away seems to be a retelling of maybe something similar to that fairy tale, Haku as the spirit who helps her out but isn’t allowed to do much more than that, a little girl from the outside who has to obey a big evil bird-themed witch, lots of different spirits… I wonder if the inspiration for that movie came from this tale?? Who knows??

I should watch it again now… 

anyway have some drawings

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