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For the glory of Ssael :: “They want a war?  The Lions of Mercy will stuff one up their asses!”  For the soldiers of the Temple of Song, for the boys who lay down their lives for Alderode and for Ssael.

Honorable Intentions — Martin O’Donnell / The Truth Beneath the Rose — Within Temptation / Minas Tirith — Howard Shore / Love Pledge and the Arena — John Williams / Icarus — Bastille / The Violet Hour — The Civil Wars / The Battle — Harry Gregson-Williams / The Other Side — Woodkid / Paris Burning — Alan Menken


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Anonymous asked: Say Toby and Duane arm wrestle. Who wins? (My money's on Toby.)


Toby. But Toby’d be a great sport and only tease him a little before handing him his right arm back.

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Varric Tethras is one part adventurous rogue, one part dashing storyteller, and three parts trouble. Born on the surface, Varric has little love for his underground brethren—all his contacts lie with the dwarves of the Merchants Guild, though he has little taste for their schemes. Still, he has found a place as an outsider, rubbing shoulders with both the wealthy elite as well as the worst of scoundrels. To hear him tell of it, that’s all he truly cares about, though anyone who truly knows him claims differently. They say that, try as he might, Varric has been drawn more and more into conflicts that shake the world—ones that he can’t get himself out of with a quick tale.

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Reach down into your heart and you’ll find many reasons to fight. Survival, honour, glory. But what about those who feel it’s their duty to protect the innocent? There you’ll find a warrior savage enough to match any dragon. And in the end, they’ll attain what the others won’t: their humanity.

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